30 and 50 minute formats

Tone the entire body by elongating muscles, building core strength, and enhancing coordination and body control. Perform classic Pilates movements on the Pilates Reformer in the J Pilates style! Appropriate and safe for all levels. Perfect for the Pilates beginner *and* the seasoned practitioner.



30 and 50 minute formats

Get the ultimate results by using a variety of equipment to diversify your workout. Perform exercises on the Pilates Reformer, Tower, Jumpboard, and/or Chair along with extra equipment like hand weights, body bars, resistance bands, exercise balls, and more. The instructor has the flexibility to change the equipment you use each time you step foot in the studio! Appropriate and safe for all levels.



30 and 50 minute formats

Rehabilitate and rejuvenate your muscles and mind by stretching, breathing, and finding awareness using the Pilates Reformer and Tower along with other props. Spend a few minutes in each pose to reap the benefits from the inside out. A great addition to your Pilates practice! Appropriate and safe for all levels.

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