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LINDSEY BLANCHARD is our fearless and fun leader and the owner of Lacy J Pilates & Fitness Studio! She established the Studio three years ago to bring her love and enthusiasm of Pilates to the Permian Basin. With a background in dance and a love for the art of movement, she decided to pursue a career in Pilates after graduating from Texas State University with a Bachelors of Science in Dance. Her certifications include Level 1-4 Mat & Equipment, Advanced Level 5 Mat & Equipment, Pilates for Golfers, and Pre & Postnatal from Core Dynamics, as well as a certification in Barre from Equinox. Her career began at Barton Creek Resort & Spa and has continued at several studios across Texas, eventually landing her in Midland. Lindsey brings precision and effective movements paired with laughter and authenticity to her classes and private clients. With Lindsey, what you see is what you get - which is our *favorite part* about her! Outside of running the Studio and JFit Boutique, she enjoys spending time with her three boys, her husband, and their pets. She also enjoys running Bean & Grape with her husband and caring for each and every animal she comes in contact with!



       She always makes us burn through that extra pulse, inch, or rep with a smile and a laugh … in her words, “I want clients to leave feeling happy and knowing that we worked hard, but we smiled.” Jamie currently teaches Yoga, Pilates Equipment, and Barre at Lacy J.

     Jamie found her way to instructing fitness classes through her personal yoga practice three and a half years ago. Her chiropractor recommended that she start practicing yoga, which she initially hated. But after four months, she came to love it and eventually heard a voice calling her to teach. She attended a training through the encouragement of another instructor and the rest is history!

    Jamie’s personal journey with fitness helps her connect with her clients in a special way. “She cares about each client individually,” comments one client. “Her method of teaching is encouraging and gentle, but she always has great expectations for you to do your best,” says another. Her effort to make everyone feel included has created a wonderful sense of community within her classes. “She’s inclusive, accepting, and nonjudgmental.”

     Jamie is also not afraid to push you to your personal limits in order to promote change – both physically and mentally. “Jamie has transformed my fitness journey. She reminds me that I’m stronger than when I started, which has come from putting in the work and making a difference for myself.”

     Looking to the future, Jamie is excited about growth within herself and for her clients. We, too, are excited to see her flourish as an instructor, to see the amazing results she brings to her clients, and what fun routines she has up her sleeve next! Our team would not be complete without Jamie – with her sweet smile, motivating spirit, and her clever ways to work harder!


    Jill teaches is a constant sub for our Yoga classes. We love her sweet, strong spirit that shines when she teaches a multitude of classes - from a soothing and understanding touch in Prenatal to a challenging and empowering example in flow-based classes.

    She has been part of the Lacy J team from the beginning. A friend informed her of a new studio opening and the rest is history. "I loved Lindsey's vision and energy for her studio ... and now all of it has come to fruition. We offer so much at the Studio from Pilates Reformer, specialty Fitness classes, apparel, childcare, giving back to the community and more ... we do it all!"

   A longtime athlete, Jill was introduced to Yoga while training for a marathon. "I attended a Yoga for Runners class in Houston and quickly fell in love with it." After completing the marathon, she attended various Yoga classes such as Hot Yoga, Iyengar, and Power Yoga in order to improve her physicality and mental state through the practice. She soon wanted to learn more about Yoga and its history, which lead her to a Registered Yoga Teacher training in 2014. Since then, Jill has instructed clientele such as CrossFitters, physical therapy patients, children, and more. "Yoga will always be a passion of mine and having the ability to teach it to others makes it even more special."

    We are honored that she share her passion with Lacy J clients. "I enjoy working with clients who are willing to challenge themselves while still moving safely and effectively through the poses." She also enjoys the positive energy they bring to class, as well as experiencing their small and large accomplishments. In addition to the amazing clients, Jill also appreciates the Lacy J staff who continue to lift each other up and aim to better themselves continuously. "We have a great team of instructors who are supportive and are willing to give so much to our clients."

     "My favorite class to teach is Pre & Postnatal Yoga. After having my second son, my love for helping women embrace their bodies and reframe their minds as they overcome the many challenges of pre- and postpartum grew!" From a fellow instructor, "Jill is an amazing Yoga instructor, Lacy J Team member, and mother to her two boys. She is always willing to help despite her busy schedule, is capable of teaching a dynamic class for all levels, and is extremely motivating for clients by way of her instruction and way of life."


      Desiré watches all of the children in Kids' Club while their parents enjoy our classes. She also helps in the Boutique. With her calm, sweet, and patient demeanor, it is no wonder that Desiré enjoys being around children. "I love getting to play with the children during Kids' Club. I enjoy hearing the stories they make up! They just bring so much energy and joy every time they're here." Each day in Kids’ Club, you can experience her warm welcome to each kid and her genuine excitement to spend time and listen to them.  She also keeps this special area of the Studio clean and safe for the children. Our clients have truly come to trust her and value her role in their fitness journey.

      She has been a part of the Lacy J team since the beginning of this year, and we couldn’t imagine our Studio without her! We have pride in being able to provide childcare so parents can take time for themselves.  We could not fulfill this vision without the help of Desiré. She is always willing to help in any capacity with no questions asked. “Desiré is such a blessing to have on staff. She is quiet and reserved, but is an important support for everything we do at the Studio and we most definitely appreciate her commitment to her work,” says a co-worker.  She appreciates her co-workers as well, “The staff is always fun to be around and have such a positive energy. We also communicate and work together really well, which makes a difference!”

      Desiré holds a special place in the hearts of the staff, the clients, and each child she watches over. Next time you visit the Studio or the Boutique, we invite you to take a look at the Kids’ Club area and say hello and thank you to Desiré!


PATTY HOLT         

          She encourages us to perform our best in class by sharing her heart, compassion, and care with every movement. “I love getting to know the clients and I want them to fall in love with taking care of themselves!” Patty currently teaches Barre30, Chair30, Pilates Equipment, and Charged.

            Patty found her way back to working out after a long break due to work and having her children.  Her doctor recommended that she begin taking time for herself and becoming more active in order to help with health issues she was facing.  In no time, she was feeling great and loved what she was doing.  When she saw that Lacy J was hiring instructors, she jumped at the opportunity.  “I wanted to help others spend time on themselves and have fun and work hard like I did.”

            Patty’s care for herself, and in turn her family, directly translates to the care she relays to her clients. “I like to see clients surprise themselves – when they’re scared or can’t think they can do it. I love seeing them grow, get stronger, and gain confidence.” One client comments, “she pushes you to be a stronger, better you, all while making it fun and not too serious.”  Patty encourages clients to broaden their fitness horizons by trying different classes and committing to self-care. “I had a hard time getting back to working out after my baby.  Once I tried Patty’s Barre class, I found something I liked and could commit to. Now, I take Barre, Pilates Equipment, and Chair, and am excited about taking care of myself.”

           Not only does Patty give her heart and support to her clients, she also shares them with the staff. “She is always the first to offer a helping hand and goes above and beyond for the studio as a whole,” says a co-worker.

           For the future, Patty is excited to continue to have fun and learn at any opportunity. We’re so thankful for Patty’s genuine love for each client and staff, as well as her work.  Our team would not be complete without her contagious smile, devoted spirit, and commitment to getting results!


      This little Hawaiian native will get your body moving, your "Buti" working, and balance your chakras with her unique yoga style.  Mikala is our one and only Buti Yoga instructor. 

      Mikala found Buti Yoga through a friend in Hawaii after her divorce. "I was very hesitant to go with her. I kept saying 'yoga is not for me,' but I was hooked on the first day!"  She got her start in this new yoga format before it had its official name... she's been a true follower since the beginning!  Mikala immediately sought her certification and has been teaching since. 

     Buti Yoga was added to the Lacy J schedule only a few months after the studio opened.  Mikala says she was drawn to the studio because it was the "total package."  "The space is awesome, the clients are mellow and excited, and the staff is so down to earth. It's a great environment to work in."  Clients feel that same comfort and excitement when attending Mikala's classes. "She is always present and fully there in her classes.  Her energy is always positive and uplifting, and she's super personable."

       Being open and relateble to her clients is important. "Buti Yoga is not for everyone. I want to build trust with clients and have them build trust with themselves and their bodies. I want to inspire people to get out of their comfort zone and try something challenging and different. Trying Buti may not only affect someone's fitness journey, but it may also translate to trying new things and opening up in other areas of their life." Mikala lives her inspiration on the mat by constantly pushing herself to try new things - in yoga and beyond. "Life is too short to spend your life doing the same things all the time," she wisely states. 

           Mikala adds spice to our Yoga program, which we love!  And we appreciate her free, loving, and outreaching spirit! In addition to Buti Yoga, she teaches Yoga Flow throughout the week. We hope you'll reach outside your comfort zone and practice with her to bring a little pep to your week. 


         With her attention to detail and her no competition - no judgement style, Jessica always encourages us to do our best while listening to our bodies. "She's a very talented and detailed instructor. Jessica is devoted to her craft and inspires all of us to push ourselves further." She currently teaches Yoga, Pilates Equipment, and all fitness classes outside of Zumba.

       Her start in fitness began after taking Yoga and Pilates courses in college as P.E. credits and unexpectedly falling in love with the practice. After graduation, she felt drawn to teaching and acquired her Registered Yoga Teacher certification followed by Pilates certifications, as well as a number of others. In her words, "I like serving and helping people. I always feel honored that people allow me to lead their practice … that they have chosen me as their 'guide', with faith and confidence in my ability and knowledge."
          Our clients often feel drawn to Jessica partly because of the comfortable atmosphere she creates. "She's always positive and upbeat. I have learned a lot about form as she lets her clients get away with nothing. During sessions you have her undivided attention. She's a true professional!"
        Jessica strives for clients to maintain progress over perfection and "to not rush, to listen, and do what's right for their body in the moment. And, to not fall into expectation and the story we write for our practice before it happens". Throughout her classes she stresses that movements better serve the body from a strong foundation of form and balance and do not have to be big and impressive. As another clients states "She explains directions for what we are doing in Yoga and Pilates very clearly, using specific similes that give us an exact picture of what we are supposed to be doing."  

         As she celebrates her 10th year of teaching, Jessica is excited to continue to pass her knowledge onto the clients she serves and to always remain a student. We're thankful for all that Jessica does at Lacy J - from her heart to serve others through her gifts in teaching, to her management skills that help run the studio week to week. We know that every time you enter Jessica's class you will be motivated, challenged, and will leave with a smile.  We are delighted that she is a part of our team and are excited to see where the future takes her!