Lindsey Blanchard

With a thorough background in dance and a Bachelor of Science in Dance from Texas State, Lindsey got her start in Pilates while working at Barton Creek Resort & Spa as NESTA certified Pilates Mat Instructor. With guidance from a mentor, Lindsey pursued and earned a certification from Core Dynamics in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Starting her own studio in Austin, TX and teaching in several studios across Texas till settling down in Midland and opening Lacy J Pilates.


Core Dynamics Pilates Instructor Level 1-4 Mat & Equipment 

Core Dynamics Pilates Instructor Advanced Level 5 Mat & Equipment

Core Dynamics Pilates for Golfers

Core Dynamics Pre & Post Natal Certified

Equinox Barre Certified

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith, Marketing Manager at Lacy J's, is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Since 2007, she has instructed a number of classes at various facilities and events in the Permian Basin. She began practicing yoga while in college to fulfill a physical education requirement, but found herself continuing to practice as her love of yoga grew and she eventually attended a teacher training right after graduation.  Jessica’s classes build a connection of the body, mind, and breath through challenging and rejuvenating poses to navigate a path of discovery to our personal strength, confidence, and authenticity.  Experimentation, adventure, honesty, and laughter are always encouraged! Jessica maintains her 'yoga student' status by attending various workshops and conferences and building her home practice.

Patty Holt

PATTY HOLT         

          She encourages us to perform our best in class by sharing her heart, compassion, and care with every movement. “I love getting to know the clients and I want them to fall in love with taking care of themselves!” Patty currently teaches Barre30, Chair30, Pilates Equipment, and Charged. Patty found her way back to working out after a long break due to work and having her children.  Her doctor recommended that she begin taking time for herself and becoming more active in order to help with health issues she was facing.  In no time, she was feeling great and loved what she was doing.  When she saw that Lacy J was hiring instructors, she jumped at the opportunity.  “I wanted to help others spend time on themselves and have fun and work hard like I did.” Patty’s care for herself, and in turn her family, directly translates to the care she relays to her clients. “I like to see clients surprise themselves – when they’re scared or can’t think they can do it. I love seeing them grow, get stronger, and gain confidence.” One client comments, “she pushes you to be a stronger, better you, all while making it fun and not too serious.”  Patty encourages clients to broaden their fitness horizons by trying different classes and committing to self-care. “I had a hard time getting back to working out after my baby.  Once I tried Patty’s Barre class, I found something I liked and could commit to. Now, I take Barre, Pilates Equipment, and Chair, and am excited about taking care of myself.” Not only does Patty give her heart and support to her clients, she also shares them with the staff. “She is always the first to offer a helping hand and goes above and beyond for the studio as a whole,” says a co-worker. For the future, Patty is excited to continue to have fun and learn at any opportunity. We’re so thankful for Patty’s genuine love for each client and staff, as well as her work.  Our team would not be complete without her contagious smile, devoted spirit, and commitment to getting results!

Jamie Edwards

My love for fitness began shortly after having my twins. I was
to get back into shape in a fast and effective way when I discovered
yoga and Pilates. I was hooked almost immediately, and with a

inteachingbegan to teach yoga, I heard about barre, and after my
I knew this was my calling. Shortly after Ifirstclassfitness journey with others.
best things I've done, and I'm so thankful to be able to share my
rushed to get certified. Teaching barre and yoga is by far one of the
AFAA Sunrise Yoga

SCW Ballet Barre

Mikala Keliipio

Originally from Kona, Hawaii and has been teaching Buti yoga since 2012.  Has her ERYT 200 hour yoga certification and is level 1 & 2 Buti Instructor certified.  

Buti yoga fuses together: traditional yoga poses, breath work, dance, strength, cardio, and plyometrics for an all inclusive workout! With electric, hip hop, and dance beats, it's a very high energy, fun, intense class! At the end, we wrap up with some aromatherapy and meditation to help balance out those chakras. 

Danielle Runyan

Danielle is our fun instructor whom always has a smile on her face and is ready to give a great workout with tons of laughs before, during and after class.  She has completed Lacy J's Core, Barre & Pilates Interval Training and is currently going through Lacy J's Pilates Equipment Training.  Make sure you keep an eye out for this rising star and be sure to jump in on one of her energetic classes to give you a great and fun workout.

Fitness Instructor

Lauren West

Lauren is our fun outgoing Pilates Instructor whom is originally from California but trained to become an instructor in Dallas, TX.  Lauren's classes are energetic, upbeat and are sure to have you feeling engaged, strong and with a feeling of accomplishment when you leave the studio.

Pilates Instructor

Jill Hays

My love for yoga began while training for a marathon as I attended a “Yoga for Runners” class in Houston and quickly fell in love with it! My instructor inspired me where I wanted to learn more about the history, challenged me to grow in my own practice and one day be able to share what I have learned with others. After the marathon, I began to branch outside of Vinyasa and started to enjoy hot, Iyengar and Power. 


I’ve always been interested in the more athletic, physical side of yoga.  Before I recently had my son, I taught yoga classes at Odessa CrossFit. The classes provided mobility improvements and gains in flexibility to counter balance with the weight lifting. I loved introducing yoga to the athletes and ultimately observed them as they grew in their practice.


Yoga will always be a passion of mine and having the ability to teach it to others makes it even that much more special. 


One of my favorite quotes, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” -Fred Devito



Purdue University Undergraduate degree in Kinesiology / minor in Communications

ACSM Exercise Physiologist

AFAA Primary Group Exercise Instructor

AFAA Personal Trainer

TRX completion

Keiser Spin completion 

RRCA Run Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Yoga Alliance 200 hour Yoga Instructor

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